GoT and JT Christmas Sweaters are HERE

While Justin Timberlake is resting his vocal cords, little hipster elves are out working their tiny butts off making JT Ugly Christmas Sweaters and you just gotta have one! OMG you gotta wear it to his show! If he saw it you know he'd call it out. Ho Ho Ho y'all. 

Game of Thrones fans you get a PLETHORA of Ugly Xmas Sweaters to chose from at Target this year! There are six different designs to chose from (all an affordable $30). Just plunk down the money, and you can show your “GoT” holiday love by saying, “Ho Ho Hodor,” “I Drink Eggnog And I Know Things,” “Silent Knight King,” “’Tis The Last Season,” “Joy To The Realm,” or “Deck The Wall.”

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