Things You Should Never Say At Thanksgiving

How not to ruin Thanksgiving this year. 

  • “Why are you still single?” - This is never a good thing to bring up and it’s the 21st century, so just let people do what they want in their romantic lives and save the judgment.
  • “This [delicious Thanksgiving food] is so bad for me” - Nobody wants to hear how many carbs or how much sugar is in the feast you’re all enjoying, okay?
  • “When was the last time you went to [religious institution]?” - Shaming someone for not going to church or temple recently just doesn’t make for happy dinner conversation.
  • “Are you sure you want another serving?” - What’s the point of asking this? Yes, they want more, that’s why they reached for it, so let it go and pass the potatoes.
  • “Did you hear the news about Trump?” - Politics and gravy boats don’t mix, so skip the political controversies at Thanksgiving and stick to safe topics like your upcoming travel plans or the best movie you’ve seen lately.
  • “I earned this pie!” - It’s great you ran in a turkey trot today, but don’t act like you did it to compensate for dinner. Also avoid telling people about how you’re working out tomorrow to “burn off” your turkey dinner.
  • “Remember when you [did some embarrassing thing you hoped everyone forgot]?” - No one will ever appreciate you bringing this up, so please don’t.
  • “Woah, that’s a really big piece” - Hold back on this and other judgy comments like how many rolls someone has eaten or you’ll take the fun out of dinner.
  • “Is that all you’re eating?” - Same goes for comments about how little someone’s eating. Focus on what’s on your plate only, unless you’re a parent trying to make sure your toddler ate more than a roll.
  • “Oh, I’m not eating dessert. I’m on X diet…” - Nobody cares what diet you’re on and you shouldn’t try to make anyone feel badly for eating dessert on Thanksgiving.

source: daily mail

Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn

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